Much to see and do

Situated in the Warby Ovens Park, an ideal location for bird watching, wine tasting, cycling, bushwalking or touring through our spectacular Gourmet Region of Milawa and the King Valley. Close to the Winton Raceway, snow fields of Mt. Hotham and Mt. Buffalo, and Wangaratta’s Jazz Festival.

Glenrowan is the home of the Ned Kelly's last stand. Tourists can walk the Heritage Siege Precinct:

  • Ann Jones Glenrowan Inn where Ned and his gang fought it out with Police.
  • Police shelter site where Police hid behind trees and in a ditch and fired on Ned inflicting wounds to his arm and foot.
  • Gravel Contractors Encampment where Ned and Steve Hart captured the Gravel contractor and a workman and abducted them. Ned thought the gravel contractor would have tools at hand that could be used to derail the Police train.
  • Seriously wounded Ned hid in nearby trees about 100 metres from the final siege site
  • Ned's capture site where Ned emerged from trees into a hail of bullets and he finally fell to the ground "I'm done I'm done."
  • The railway station where Ned planned to derail the Special Police Train.
  • McDonalds Railway Tavern where Ned loved to drink and he had left spare horses for his escape.


The Warby Range runs from Glenrowan northwards and finishes at the Ovens River. There are several lookouts and walking and bicycle tracks. Some of the more popular are:

  • Mt Glenrowan lookout
  • Pangerang Lookout
  • Ryan's Lookout
  • Pine Gully Track
  • Friends Track
  • Salisbury Falls (runs during winter)
  • Mt Glenrowan track


Wangaratta is just a short 12 minute drive from Glenrowan Tourist Park

  • Two golf courses
  • Woollen Mills
  • Brucks Fabric factory
  • Stitched Up Festival
  • Wangaratta Jazz Festival
  • Wangaratta Speedway


Winton Motor Raceway is just 10 minutes drive from the Glenrowan Caravan Park. Some of the Winton Events each year include:

  • V8 Supercars
  • Winton Historic
  • HQ 4 hour enduro
  • Winton Fun Day

If you are racing a vehicle at Winton, we have plenty of secure parking for it at the park.


While staying at the Glenrowan Tourist Park it is only a short trip to visit some of the great surrounding areas:

  • Milawa, with Brown Brothers wines, Milawa Mustard, Milawa Cheese
  • King Valley
  • Taminick, Warby Ovens Park, Booth's, Morrison's, Auldstone and Silent Range wines
  • Rutherglen, Yarrawonga, Beechworth, Mt Buffalo, Bright and Benalla
  • Mansfield Zoo
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